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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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senate bill 411, the right to report milk. now the oakland city council has introduced a resolution that expected to pass next week. this bill is authored by sen. ricardo laura, and estates anyone making an audio or video recording of a police or police peace officer and is in a public place that the individual has the right to be and is not breaking the law. now, you may recall some parts of the united states of their laws being passed different statehouses prohibiting people from recording police officers and peace officers. the services and masking you and join me in supporting and senate bill 411. also, i want to introduce to you that i am
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introducing an ordinance that will require the city's two largest law enforcement agencies, san francisco police department as well is the sharpest department to expand not only a type of information that is collected and recorded but also when it is collected. here is some facts for you that i want to help anchor this conversation. first, after the american -- for drug times 19 more -- mentions more than any of her race in san francisco in african-american women in san francisco police arrest rates 13 times higher than any other place. overall, african-americans san franciscans arrested 7.3 times more often in than other cities in the state of california. this ordinance am introducing would require the name, age, race, gender, gender identity to be collected not only during traffic stops but also any time either department -- either of
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the apartments detained were stopped for questioning were searches in individual. this information collected will do a couple of things. the information collected will also include a few other items. first the name and badge number of all officers the results of the contact for example, was arrest was at a citation or warning was it an incident report made. i think it is also very important to note that when proposing here is not new summary data is already being collected by the city of oakland, city of berkeley, as well as new york city. with this reporting requirements i hope to quell some of the unintentionalhas led to the
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outcry that we have seen in baltimore that was even ferguson it is very important for us in balancing this discussion, one that we have are profound discussion the land-use committee, as we work to find appropriate number of police officers to keep our citizens safe. now i want to take a moment and always command and recognize our american men and women the police and sheriffs departments and frankly, all of our first responders. but this what this ordinance, to introduce additional oversight and transparency entered bills the trust. committee once had with our law enforcement departments making this information availabledoes rallying gets up
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by me the rest estimate >> thank you supervisor cohen and president, were going to in the preceding statue >> thank you. colleagues, only to dpw has returned the revised list and i wanted to make sure that we had an opportunity to take a look at it make a decision. so, mr. -- elector may comments? >> yes, thank you.we met with constituents and they brought up a number of issues. mainly [inaudible] we stricken from the list so we can take care of those properties. we have two property owners that have financial hardship concerns
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that we did notwe have brought to their attention our willingness to put them on to what is known as the sidewalk nuisance abatement program, which is a deferred cost program that spreads out the unpaid invoice over. of five years, property tax, but it does have a one-time 12% administrative fee that is placed on it. one individual, one property owner has absolutely refused to want to take part in it, but at the same time, he sidewalk repairs were completed and it was done -- of this particular program is in existence for the safety
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of the public and under public works code, the property owner is responsible for their. man's of the sidewalk. >> okay. colleagues are there any objections to accepting the amendment to the company assessment report as described by the department? see no objections i am clerk, can we call the roll call on approval of the report as amended sorry supervisor wiener >> sorry just a question. how many properties were taken off the list? >> about six of them. >> on this list, what portion of these properties is the damage to her bed repaired truly related. it seemed like a number the public commenters
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was due to trees. is that a small portion of significant portion? >> there were a number -- i could give you a percentage of how many trees were dressed in our particular year but it is significant but given the number of properties that were repaired and a number of top people that had issues that came up today i would say that a program is largely successful safeguarding the public right-of-way even from trees causing damage. as you may know in the city and county of san francisco, trees are either maintained by that of property owner or maintained by the city as a whole. the sidewalk inspection repair program goes through and repairs sidewalks in the public right-of-way, and
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when trees identified as belonging to the responsibility of the defining property owners make that known to the property owner and the notice to repair that we sent him. >> unfamiliar with the policy am not a fan of the policy. but i am familiar with it. it is terrible policy. is not your public policy. it is adopted by the city. thank you very much. >> colleagues --? is same as amended to mousing call? rollcall vote" to ship item. three as amended supervisor tang aye, wiener no, yee aye,
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avalos aye breed aye campos aye, christiansen aye, cohen aye farrell aye, kim aye, aye aye.10 aye one note the supervisor wiener in the zend >> this resolution as amended passes. >>[gavel] >> i am clerk, can you please return to will call for introductions. >> two remaining members to call will begin with supervisor kim >> thank you madam clerk. today i manage using a ballot measure to expand the scope of the city surplus ordnance which tracks the city part privatize for the housing and homeless housing department not essential department. i made a commitment to voters last year that proposition k was only the beginning of a larger package of legislative tools that we
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rule out to address the cities worsening housing crisis. we have an updated the surplus property ordinance since 2005 percent to bring it up to speed the city's priorities and strengthen it. we have a finite amount of precious land but to develop in san francisco. on a daily basis this --, residence because they want to continue to live in the city that we should prioritize the production of affordable and middle income housing over luxury housing. the best opportunity sites that we have the are ones we have site control over and that is public land. this initiative would spend the surplus property ordinance existed among priority for publicly owned parcels to include the housing residents making us want 20% [inaudible] at which 6% san francisco residents currently qualify for. the purpose of
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this legislation is required also departments including enterprise agencies and school districts to reveal potential developable sites increasing the board of supervisor and public transparency of that. second, to strengthen the mayor's office of housing and community moment right of first invitations on any property consider for disposition, third to require minimum affordable housing standards and properties disposed by the city departments if not for 100% affordable housing. finally, to encourage non-city agencies follow the same standards for disposition of their properties in the city. the key aspect of the ballot measure is to provide citizens and oversight in the approval process for development on public sites in order to ensure the directive of the surplus property ordinance being met in the form of regular reporting. this is yet again another tool in our kit. an important and valuable
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tool in helping the city meet our goal to make the city more affordable for our residents. on the topic of public lands, i am also proud to announce their support today for a mission rock development project on see will what 3137. as announced by the giants today, we will be meeting our proposition k goals. this, as many of you know, is the first major project to come out of the docket after the voters passed proposition k this past november. this project will now be committing to building 1% affordable and middle income housing on-site with committed city dollars. into committee partnership the giants have worked in creating a project course of the entire city and set a new standard for affordable housing in san francisco. as a city, we know we have do not have enough
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middle income housing as a result of working together will be building an unprecedented number of housing from the class families ranging from ballpark workers to teachers and nurses. how to add my name to the growing list of supporters and i am excited to work with the giants on meeting our proposition k gold. a lot of knowledge supervisor avalos, members of church you are doing housing organization, bishop -- local two, who worked through the weekend until 3 am last night really hammering out a lot of the details and the financing 10 of a lot of strings so that we could meet a deadline today of not moving forward with our ballot ordinance. i also want to thank the support of supervisor campos
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aye and yee as well in ensuring we be able to make this president announcement on affordable and middle income housing on public lands. really proud of at the city is doing today. having it has been a big week for affordable housing. i heard about the recent decision by the california supreme court allowing cities to mandate the production of affordable housing with private developers in cities throughout california, and acknowledge that we are really seen developers come to the table with really ambitious proposals on building a portable housing here in san francisco. i think that this is something that is very positive for san francisco. i think i want to recognize there has already been to proposals, one of which [inaudible] alloys are already committing to building 33% of its units at affordable to residence, seniors, and working-class families that make 50% of average committee median income and below. finally, several weeks ago i noticed my office requested the city attorney to draft
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protection legislation that respond to increasing the number of evictions that result from breach of contract and nuisance violations. the legislation allowed for units or landlord be this weekend terminate a lease required tends to temporary relocate because of a owner will and that [inaudible] repairs or lead remediation work. the next tenant moves into moving at the same rent rate of the departing tenant. let us recognize robert brian city attorney for working on so closely with our office to draft the tenant protection ordinance and i would acknowledge the support and cosponsorship of supervisor campos, avalos, and mark madam clerk the rest estimate >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor mar >> member, want to thank supervisor kim for the comments on the china commission rock
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development but also the just cause of action protection 2.0. i want to say for the giant commission i think it is a great proposal now and hopefully their strong citywide support for it. i think moving from 33% affordable low income to 40% is a significant jump. i want to thank larry and check their for the coalition from jimmy's led by committee housing organizers appear: and fernando marquis grassroots program like bishop but also [inaudible] and from labor mike hastie and others. i think it significant programs really appreciate so many people from their [inaudible] the teachers union working on workforce housing as a key part of the project. the appreciative of other developers looking at our housing balance under the leadership of many of the supervisors here as well. i
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also wanted to thank supervisor kim and sip is a goat anti-displacement coalition and tenant organizations for the just cause 2.0 measure. i think it is helped with the current displacement and eviction crisis that we need to do much more. i am really appreciative that is move forward as well. addressing the fears of displacement and the huge speculation going on harming many of invite everyone to the second of the richmond district movie night park city family is what we call. were showing the fantastic mr. fox wes anderson's best pastor masterpiece destroyed by those who did willy wonka. really amazing wes anderson film. that roxie playground. on july 20. bring your blankets. sometimes it is cold in the summertime. but at 15 min. before sundown is when the film was start this a lot of activities coordinated
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by -- from the richmond district ymca that common streets merchant association has provided tremendous support in addition to our office. a lot of people signed up. 500 people will be watching it with us but really have to go online to confirm it. be there as well. the first 60 households get free blankets but encourage people to bring warm clothing and blankets. it is a wonderfully to build communities as the common street merchants have talked about and i want to say hopefully it is a real one day saturday, july 20, but be prepared and bundle up. the rest also met. >> thank you supervisor mar that concludes injection of new business. >> an opinion piece read all the comments. >> at this time the public pay, and generally up to 2 min. on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the
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board to include the minutes and items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. items 42-47. public comment is not allowed on items already subject to public comment at of award committee pursuant to the portals director mark the board as all not to individual supervisors. nor to the audience. speakers using transition assistance will be about twice the amount of time to testify. if you would like to display your document on the overhead projector please currently state such to sfgtv remove the document to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. first speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervised township robbery users associated by today is that a section and shrinking of core library functions. in san francisco's public library. even if the library's budget goes ever upward and sadly, assisted by the lack of hearings were questions asked by you and your body. the elaborate new teen center is scheduled to open this
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thursday, june 18. it is called --, does (want to be sure that you and your constituents and the public know it is, at a cost. that cost is not just millions of dollars. it is also the loss of half the space for bound magazines within the library. that represents a serious reduction in accessibility, tens of thousands of magazines that were available to everyone on the shelf on the fifth floor are now unavailable to browsing. the public is only able to see these magazines upon specific written request for specific issues and dates and in most cases the 24-hour wait. we are not supposed, let us be clear -- were not opposed to the teen center as such, but we think there were an alternative alternatives for its placement. for example, in the library café space or in any city
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storefronts, or office building. the distraction and diminishment and speaking about what only possible because of lack of public concern from this board of supervisors. supervisor london breed, avalos david campos, julie christiansen, supervisor melia, and protect mark farrell, james kim, eric aye supervisor karen tang scott wiener, supervisor yee we asked us questions about the budget and hold hearings. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> honorable president breed hon. members of the board of supervisors, my name is ruben david goodman. my mental health consumer. i want to thank you in advance for your kind attention. i asked that they san francisco's board of supervisors take an interest in the conditions as -- in the
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treatment of residents in the city and county of san francisco. these residents are among our city's most vulnerable citizens and many are unable to articulate their needs. a letter of concern to the state regulatory agency would be a start. i feel very strongly that the city needs to involve itself in making sure that the citizens who are so vulnerable are receiving adequate care. i need to report discriminatory practices and preferential treatment at my board and care. preferential treatment is given to a caucasian resident. he is allowed to use the refrigerator to store milk. i placed items in the refrigerator was then thrown away by the caregiver. without informing me that they would be thrown away. i put some
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-- and was finally. a platoon opened cheeses from safeway in the. they were thrown away. most of setting i have received from the kosher lunch program at the jewish community center hr of to fish during passover and some horseradish. equity market as mine. it was thrown away. if anyone is concerned about conditions at board and care facilities i am rooming the results re: eu bn -- go warriors and mrs. woodrow wilson high school warrior wishing our team well. thank you. >> thank you. mexico, please. >> good afternoon president breed and supervise. i have is a little past 12 by rick. but a former warrior
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140 years dad died he worked at central shops in the 50s 60s and 70s. i miss him very much. that happened a couple days ago. phil paulson. is i staining jackie speer at west -- jackie speer congresswoman she is running again. got a good reason for taking it easy water weight out got a good reason for taking the what easy way water out. you were gay water tripper sunday bundler it took you so long to find out that you got a ticket and you found out. your big teaser. you took up half
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the ocean. your big teaser. you took half of the ocean on your lawn. you were a day water tripper. sunday mower, yes. it took you so long to find out you found out. >> happy birthday city all. it is 100 years. through the years you never let us down. he turned our lives around the sweetest [inaudible] we found. if found review through the years. i can remember when you were when city hall did not care and we care for you. i swear you been to everything there is >> thank you, what is. our condolences for your father. next speaker, please. >> thank you pres. reid and
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other victims of the cobalt mining's christopher delivered six than howard. 10 bucks less than 40 m from sea level. i rise to reassess previous comment. people said i was a little harsh. it was argued that you personally could not be held to be responsible to be morally liable to the death of the portfolio boy that got run over by the metro card. after all, the secrets of events that led to that tragedy were not a consequence of your actions. you were not around when the system was designed where the trains ordered not your fault. but of your hands after constant. i would have found it hard to resist that argument except for the fact that automatic collision avoidance systems have been available for years and deployable in months if you try really really hard. for some of you, your services have been available for those years. maybe you are simply
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uninformed. maybe you were unable to try really really hard. i am informing you now there are better ways to do things. i am informing you now there are faster ways to do things. i am informing you now that i would have to testify years from now when your negligence now has enabled another such tragedy done have to testify when someone's weeping survivor tries to sue you into dirt. i would have to testify to the fact that you were present and you were informed. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> happy lgbt pride to everybody in san francisco. supervisor earlier said it three protests that his condo on 17th and market street. yes, there was a wiener roast whole jewish can meet
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>> can you direct your comments to the board as a whole not individuals >> i am directing my comments to the board as a whole. so, if -- moved into the caster would the casual residence in the gay people of san francisco have to put up with that? some people's eyes, which is representative from that district is rev. fell to the last 25% of our lesbian population as we celebrate gay pride because of that cleansing done in san francisco latinos of african-americans, about elite, chinese-americans, in chinatown. so, this board also with the supervisor also voted to stop homeless people were lgbt which represent a third of the homes puppet population to not sleep on a comfortable grass in the park but the forced to sleep on hard
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concrete inhumanity of that is beyond comprehension. what would harvey milk say. would he also be embarrassed that a person's gait like myself represent such anti-gate, such homophobic, such despicable ways of looking at human beings. yes, this ethnic cleansing that continues to go on in san francisco is around us and very little is very done about it but i notice the word ethnic cleansing is being used more more in his chambers on the radio, in the media, and there is a reason for that because it buys what is happening. force location of 8000 latinos in the mission not willingly, but force people up to 90 years old. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i am -- fascists and
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answered anti-semitic country. 17 years ago the united states [inaudible] 500 women and jewish children by joseph kennedy who told jewish people came [inaudible] want to immigrate to the united states to avoid the hitler concentration camps. and auschwitz death chamber. joseph kennedy told them no one jewish person will come to the united states. [inaudible] in all 500 women and children went to auschwitz